Best 5+1 free Windows Phone apps

I’ve been using Windows Phone for 4 months now, so I can safely say that I know all the best free apps on the Marketplace. :) OK, I am exaggerating a bit – but I can definitely suggest a few of the free apps that I am using on daily basis. Some are popular, and some or not so much. But I hope that at least one will be a discovery for you. I will write a similar post every month, with new apps. :)

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Perica on the Marketplace

Perica is the latest Croatian Windows Phone application on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and the first Windows Phone application that I’ve published. I am going to give a few details about the application.

Perica is a small timing application. It can serve as a stopwatch and a timer (at the same time, of course), and it’s themed in the colours of your Windows Phone! You can also use application settings to enable Run under lock option, which can be very useful in case your Windows Phone locks quickly. You can also choose whether or not to use sounds or vibration when the timer ends. This way, you are in control what Perica does! :)

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Hello world!

Hello World!

Or in other words – hello to a fresh blogging start. I will cover interesting points of Windows Phone platform, which will be driven by my own development experience, some background theory, and a few application reviews, of course. :)

I hope to bring a creative, educational and fun blog that would bring joy to many Windows Phone developers and fans.