How to use the ExpanderView control?

ExpanderView – another great control from Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit. Why do I think it’s great? Because it allows a systematic way of holding data, like in a ListBox, but at the same time gives you access to more details only a tap away. And it does it nicely, just like the email application, which keeps the user experience on the device unified. In this post, I will describe a simple application that uses ExpanderView, called a NoteKeeper. I am targeting Windows Phone Mango.

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A quick fix for C4F WP toolkit with latest August Silverlight toolkit

If you are working with Coding 4 Fun Toolkit in your next Windows Phone Mango app, you might get in trouble when using it side by side with the latest August Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. It’s the next error that will keep bugging you:

File or assembly name ‘Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B772AD94EB9CA604’, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Technically, a TypeLoadException when using a control from C4F Toolkit.

The problem here is obviously that the C4F Toolkit is dependent on the old build of Silverlight Toolkit. Continue reading

Mangos taste better than apples

When I held my first presentation about Windows Phone (November 2010), I didn’t even own one. I think I did a good job anyway, but many things got much clearer the first day I got my first Windows Phone device. At the time, WP was missing a lot of things, especially compared to all the other mobile devices, but that didn’t turn me away. I knew that the guys at Microsoft knew how to make a copy-paste function or how to make threads in e-mail view, and that it was just a matter of time when all that would be implemented. And now that I’ve been invited to install the Mango update as a developer, I feel like this is definitely the best mobile OS ever. And here’s why! Continue reading